GDPR / Data Protection Declaration

Because the Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) respects the confidentiality of the data provided by its members and to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, this Declaration has been made.

GHI will do everything reasonably possible to protect the privacy and personal data of the members. Your membership is confidential and GHI will never reveal your membership of GHI without your explicit approval. This may be the case if you perform certain functions in GHI, such as GHI Ambassador or GHI Working Group Chair, in which cases useful information will be placed on the GHI website, but then only with your consent. Such information may include your (email) address(es) and phone number(s), as well as anything else that you feel is useful and is not conflicting with the function and impartiality of GHI.

Your data are stored only on privately owned well protected servers under control of the GHI Webmaster who is also the Data Protection Officer of GHI.

GHI uses cookies for only two reasons, for the functionality of the website and for analysis of the performance of the website. Details about the use of cookies can be viewed on the page

The data we have are those provided by you and may include:

  1. first and last name
  2. address(es)
  3. email address(es)
  4. education
  5. functions / responsibilities
  6. professional title(s)
  7. gender
  8. birth date
  9. nationality
  10. subjects of interests
  11. affiliation(s)
  12. telephone number(s)

With your written permission GHI may add other data about you, such as your interest in becoming:

  • author
  • editor
  • presenter
  • chairperson
  • officer
  • etc. 

Your data remain stored as long as you remain a member of GHI. Upon your request GHI will immediately remove all your data from the system and you immediately cease to be a member of GHI. Such a request may be sent to but also by mail to:

Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)
c/o Universität für Bodenkultur
Department für Lebensmittelwissenschaften und –technologien
Muthgasse 18
1190 Wien

The persons who have access to your data are:

  1. yourself, using your chosen password; you may update your data and only you can change your password;
  2. GHI officers who work with these data for the purpose of which you have provided these data when applying for membership. These GHI goal related purposes are:
    1. Contacting you for matters related to the goal of GHI, such as asking if you are willing to:
      1. participate in working groups;
      2. contact colleagues to ask them questions;
      3. represent GHI in external:
        1. meetings
        2. committees
        3. working groups
      4. play any not-mentioned active role in GHI
    2. Identifying members interested in specific subjects, as indicated when you applied for membership or updated later
    3. Identifying members in countries and/or regions interested in certain subjects with the purpose of collecting data related to food safety, food and nutrient security and relevant laws and regulations.

Before getting secure password protected access to membership data, officers must sign an agreement in which they declare to use the data only for the above purposes. In case there would be a need to use your date for other reasonable purposes, you will be asked for permission. This might be the case e.g. when GHI is asked to recommend (potential) authors for articles, books, presentations, etc.

GHI will never disclose your data to anybody else, for whatever reason, unless ordered so in a legal court (which we do not expect ever to happen).

This declaration may be improved if and when needed.

Approved by the Board on 14 July 2020