Dr. Nicola Stanley

Directors, GHI Board

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Based in United Kingdom

Dr. Nicola Stanley, is a consultant and a visiting lecturer based in the United Kingdom. Describing herself as a stakeholder researcher, communicator and educator with a broad understanding of the global food and beverages industry, Nicola particularly enjoys working at the interfaces across and between people, products, information and data. Over the last 20 years Nicola has worked in consultancy and interim management roles. Prior to this, she held a series of senior managerial roles within the multinational food company, Unilever Plc. There, over a period of 13 years, she led global cross-functional programmes for product innovation and headed a global department responsible for activating knowledge across the supply chain. Nicola, as a consultant, has worked with multinationals on corporate responsibility and sustainable agriculture programmes. In 2020, she co-founded a consultancy working with UK-based large water using organisations, including food manufacturers, to reduce their water resource demand. With a passion for food science, having a BSc in food science and a PhD in sensory and dairy technology, Nicola remains closely associated with relevant universities and organisations. At the UK Institute of Food Science and Technology she has led the communications activities for the Sensory Science Group. She is a visiting lecturer and involved in developing and delivering BSc and MSc course units and workshops including: food systems management, food quality assurance, food analysis, sensory analysis, food product development and prerequisite knowledge, skills and behaviours for the food industry.

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