Dr. Nadiya Boyko

GHI Board

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Dr. Nadiya Boyko, is a Professor (DSc). in Microbiology, is Head of the Department of Medical and Biological Disciplines and Director of the Research Development and Educational Centre of Molecular Microbiology and Mucosal Immunology at Uzhhorod National University, Ukraine. She has 35 years’ experience in research, leading research in bioeconomy, food  and health relevant fields, mainly dealing with food safety, human nutrition, human microbiome, individual nutrition needs, food composition tables or databases (FCDBs), and impact of food on the human host.&nbsp. She is a lecturer for native and foreign (English) speaking students, supervising PhD students, regularly acting as an invited lecturer for a variety of international and national meetings, and master classes. She is an intensive participant for oral presentations, discussions, debates, etc. in health and food relevant associations’ workshops, congresses, committees within the European Union and elsewhere, As Head of Institutional Member of EPMA from UzhNU, she is dealing on a daily basis with many national and international groups of contacts and on a regular basis is participating as p.i. in around 50 projects. Professor Boyko is the author of around 350 scientific works, including 100 papers in professional scientific journals, more than 50 publications in the peer-revived journals, and Chapters in Elsevier press, index H=14. She is Head of the Food Quality Working Group in Ukraine – Analytical Centre of Agrarian Union, establisher of 4 large and productive networking organisations: 2 national agro-food platforms, 1 national (with international participation) association “health and wealth” and 1 international trans- border regional network (Cassovia Life Science, 50 members). Professor Boyko is an experienced stakeholder manager with links to industry, academia and researchers in Europe. As a specialist with expertise in life sciences, she has also participated in international projects like BaSeFood, JSO-ERA EU – FP7, CAPINFOOD (SEE), BacFoodNet (COST), ODiN (FP7), FoodWARD (Erasmus) and H2020 (SKIN) projects.